Skript Creative Coding: Web development and new media research based in Utrecht, NL

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Legal disclaimer about privacy and copyright stating this website is made with respect for its visitors and consideration of copyleft.

Legal disclaimer

This website is made with respect for its visitors and the intention to make the creative work and software originated during its making freely available to others.

Privacy statement

This website does not makes use of cookies or other related technologies at all to track or store information about its visitors. Furthermore no third party services are used to deliver content or functionalities. All style information, fonts and scripts are served through the domain to secure the privacy of visitors as much as possible.

Copyright and copyleft

In first instance normal copyright applies to this website and the work placed on it. Normal copyright regulation is maintained because not all work made by Skript is intended to be freely available in the public domain.

That being said, much work, including certain parts of this website, is made with the intention to be freely available for others. The design of this website, the code being used to generate it, or scripts delivering certain functionalities are examples of things that are intended to be released under a free license eventually.

In the future, when things are more mature, I will release parts of this website and other work under free licenses on a case to case basis. Contact me when you are already interested in using something for your own work.