Skript Creative Coding: Web development and new media research based in Utrecht, NL

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About skript, the web studio of freelance developer Kevin Breed.

About skript

Skript is the web studio of the freelance developer Kevin Breed, devoted to the development and study of the scripts underlying today’s web and internet culture. At skript I’m available as web developer with a special focus on new media research and cultural projects.

Web developer available

If you have an idea for a web project or need some extra hands in your team, I'm available for hire. With over ten years of experience in web development I craft websites and -applications with a great deal of attention for key elements on today’s web, like responsive design, content management, accesability and SEO. I very much like to work agile, engaging actively in the complete process of a project. Thinking along about possible approaches at the start of a project and later on adapting to new insights as a project evolves.

Zooming in on the technical side, I do backend development in PHP (including the rest of the LAMP or LEMP stack that goes with it) and frontend development in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I occasionaly code things for nodejs and I love build and automation tools, such as Vagrant, Ansible and Grunt. To sum things up, here are some of my favourite tools and languages:

Favourite tools and languages

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Less
  • Grunt
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Git
  • Node
  • Symfony2
  • Silex
  • Twig
  • Bootstrap
  • WordPress
  • Vagrant
  • Ansible

New media research

Besides my technical know-how I'm specially interested in the socio-cultural scripts and mediations inscribed into digital technologies and artefacts. Looking from a purely technical perspective at websites and other new media, it is easy to overlook how certain parts of culture, live and society are affected by them, beyond the ‘problems’ they are meant to solve. With the web being a pervasive element in live and society it also becomes increasingly clear that all kinds of social questions and concerns are raised which are important to address. That's why I believe that besides developing ‘scripts’ it is also necessary to reflect on the codes and values embedded in them.

Keeping engaged with new media critiques in research and art helps me to gather insights which I try to integrate into my own development practices and products, wherever and whenever applicable. On a practical level this yields useful information, such as how to deal with issues concerning privacy, ethics and authorship. On a more abstract level it provides ideas and ideals I find worth aspiring in what I do. Some things I find inspiring in this regard are: (F/L)OSS, creative commons, peer production, commonism, time well spent, and ‘responsible design.’

Cultural projects

Looking at the way how the web affects culture, live and society, brings along much affinition with the cultural sector. In my work I aspire to create a kind of ‘profit’ beyond the conventional meaning of this term, wherin I find much overlap with the cultural sector. Therefore I’m always interested in new collaborations in this field.

Get more information

Interested in working with me? Send me an e-mail with your requirements and I’ll happily let you know my availability and hourly rate.